måndag, november 10, 2014

"Kör över en jude !"

En arabisk sång som uppmanar "palestinier" att "köra över judar, förstöra, utplåna, spränga dem" sprids just nu över Judéen och Samarien.
Alla potentiella terrorister uppmanas att köra över en jude.
Hatsången slår ständigt nya rekord på de sociala medierna, samtidigt som nya terrordåd inträffar varje dag.

The song calls for murder: "Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up." Palestinians are urged to "lay an ambush on the road and run them over."

The song promotes the libel that the PA leaders are disseminating and which Palestinian Media Watch has documented, that Israel is trying to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is "in danger" and in need of "defenders":

"For you, glorious Al-Aqsa
We'll run over settlers
Lay an ambush on the road
And run them over, Allah will aid you
Run them over, burn the next in line
Don't leave a single settler
Wait for them at the intersection
Let the settler drown in red blood
Terrorize them
Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up;
Don't let the Zionist live long
O Al-Aqsa, we're your defenders
O son of Jerusalem, cry 'Allah is great'!"

The song appears in the wake of several terror attacks carried out by Palestinians using cars to run over Israelis in Jerusalem in recent weeks. Five people have been killed and dozens injured in these attacks. It honors the terrorist murderers and the terrorist who attempted to murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick because of his work to secure rights for Jews on the Temple Mount. The song dedicates one stanza to each terrorist.
"The whole Arab nation is telling you:
Al-Akari, bless your [soul]
Run over the settler!
Run over the settler!

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi
ran over a Jewish settler
He did it for his country
with his limited means

Today, the entire people demands a hero
willing to fight with weapons
He began fighting with a car,
running them over like rabbits.
Mutaz Hijazi didn't neglect [his duty]
when he wielded his weapon and took control
Mother [of Hijazi], let's hear cries of joy
Mutaz has been promised Paradise."
En arabisk mobb i Östra Jerusalem försöker leva upp till uppmaningen: