måndag, oktober 14, 2013

Wilders: Islamismens spöke hotar den Fria Världen

Geert Wilders som gästkrönikör hos
Robert Spencer på Jihad Watch:
"Ett spöke går runt i Europa - kommunismens
spöke" skrev Karl Marx. Det tog nästan ett sekel
för världen att göra sig av med det spöket.
Idag är det ett annat spöke som plågar inte bara
Europa, utan världen - islamismens spöke.
The biggest danger confronting the West today
is not the economic situation, nor is it youth
unemployment, nor the dire budget situation
of our governments; the biggest danger is one
of which we are reminded on an almost daily
basis. And, yet, many politicians seem to fail
to notice.
Even in the West, we are not immune to Islamic
terror. Europe experienced this last May, when
two assassins with meat-cleavers decapitated
a soldier in London. America experienced it last
April, when Islamic murderers ignited pressure
cooker bombs during the Boston Marathon and
killed 3 people and injured hundreds.
Like the specter of Communism in the past, the
danger of Islam is political. Islam is mainly a
political ideology because its aim is political.
What the London and Boston killers, Boko
Haram, al-Shabaab, the Muslim Brotherhood,
Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and other individ-
uals and groups, causing pain and misery all
over the globe, have in common is that, inspired
by the Koran, they want to impose Islamic
sharia law on the whole world.
They share this goal with an organization that
is being held in the highest esteem by Western
governments: the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation (OIC).
The OIC counts 57 member-states and forms
the largest voting bloc in the United Nations.
In 1990, it superseded the 1948 Universal
Declaration of Human Rights with its own Cairo
Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.
The Cairo Declaration is a document of un-
abashed Islamic supremacism. It explicitly
states that all human rights and freedoms
“are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”
Islamic law is barbaric and cruel.
Flogging, mutilation and other corporal
punishments, stoning and even crucifixion
are permitted penalties under sharia law.
It discriminates women, apostates and non-
Muslims, who have fewer rights or no rights
at all.
In 2003, the European Court of Human
Rights declared that “sharia is incompatible
with the fundamental principles of democracy.”
And yet, few Western leaders seem to worry
about the attempts to replace our basic
liberties with sharia law.