torsdag, september 16, 2010

Femåring tvångskonverteras av islamister - blir jihadist

Den kristne somaliern Osman Abdullah
Fataho mördades nyligen av Al Shabaab.
Nu har hans tre barn, den yngste 5 år gammal,
kidnappats av samma grupp för att tvångs-
konverteras till islam...
Därefter kommer de att tvingas bli soldater
i Al Shabaabs jihad mot demokrati och
Women Against Sharia berättar:
“The insurgents are determined to extend
Sharia or strict Islamic law across Somalia
– and are actively targeting Christians,
murdering at least 15 of them last year alone.
Al Shabaab recently outlawed bell-ringing
at the end of school classes – because it
evoked the sound of church bells,” it stated.
It noted that this and other instances of anti-
Christian violence have forced several leaders
of Somalia's underground Christian movement
to flee their homes and go into hiding.
According to RI, the incident has spread fear
among Christians in this lawless country,
much of which lies in the grip of ruthless
insurgent’s intent on rooting out any person
professing Christianity.
"Leaders of the Christian underground
movement have been forced to flee their
homes to avoid being killed by the insurgents."
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