måndag, december 17, 2007

Iranska terrornätverk aktiveras

Det kommer alltflera rapporter
om att mullorna i Tehran håller
på att aktivera sina islamistiska
terrornätverk över hela Europa.
Nya fakta presenterades för
brittiska parlamentet vid en
hearing nyligen.


Tehran To Reorganise Terror Networks In Europe

Mr. Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, better known
as Hoseyn Allah Karam, one of the commanders of
the Iranian Hezbollah pressure group, has been
named as military attaché for the Balkans, from
his headquarters Zagreb, he would be the overall
commander of the operations, the sources said.
Mr. Saíd Qassemi, alias Haj Saíd, commander of
the intelligence unit of the Revolutionary Guards
27th Army of Mohammad Rasoul Allah has been
also named as military attaché for central Europe.
Although the country to which Haj Saíd would be
based it is not yet decided, but sources say it would
“certainly be an important European capital."
Both men are the “initiators” of forming suicide
operations cells, by recruiting voluntaries in major
streets of Tehran and other main Iranian cities back
in 2003-2004.
The task of the two senior terrorist masters would
be to reorganize and revitalize terrorist networks
Tehran used to have in Europe, always recruiting
among Europe’s Muslim community.
They have also to choose new locations for
launching operations and finally, to replace
“burned agents”, the sources said.

We know also, that, in some European countries,
they have increased the recruitments of
sympathizers and they began to try to penetrate
some mosques which are well known to
shelter extremist activities. It is interesting to underline
that those efforts are not focused on
the Shia minority which is extremely weak in Europe
but on the Sunni community which
forms the vast majority of the Muslims in Europe.
Actually, this situation is like a reminder of
another situation we faced more than 25 years ago.
Just after the Islamic Revolution of 1979
in IRAN, at the very beginning of the eighties,

Iran was considered as the beacon of the
radical Islam in the world, and the Iranian envoys
converted a lot of Sunni from Maghreb
descent to the Chiism in some countries in Europe.
At the time, they specially targeted the
Moroccan communities in Belgium, Netherlands and
France. Today, they still conduct most
of their intelligence and recruiting operations in the
North of Europe (Belgium, Netherlands,
Germany, UK, partly in France), but also in Italy.
But it is quite impossible to assess how
successful those operations are.
So we know that the Iranians are working in some
mosques in Europe and we know they try
to recruits new activists.
We know also that they conducted, those last
months, some reconnaissance missions on
possible targets in various European countries
we cannot name for security reasons. Those
possible targets include industrial facilities,
“critical infrastructure” and nuclear power
stations. It’s clear that, if the Iranian nuclear program
is the victim of an attack, retaliating by
attacking nuclear power makes sense.
Last but note least, we know, also that the
Hezbollah has considerably increased its capacities
–both logistical and operational -
in Europe since the last summer.
The goal of Hezbollah is obvious:
it put itself in the position to attack in Europe if things
evolve badly for it in South Lebanon