tisdag, december 18, 2007

Behovet av kvinnokamp !

Adrian Morgan i en innehållsrik krönika:
"This year, women have been killed in Basra,
Iraq, by fanatical Islamists. Their bodies are
subsequently dumped among refuse,
with notes saying they were killed for
"un-Islamic behavior".
Such "behavior" is actually
the mere fact that these women did not
wear the hijab or Muslim headscarf.
One mother who did not wear a veil was
murdered with her children, who were
aged 6 to 11 years.
In September, the headless bodies of a
woman and her six-year-old son were among
those found. In fact, between July and
September this year, 42 women had been
killed in this manner in Basra.
In Basra, Christian women who wear
no head coverings have been warned
by Shia militants that if they do not wear
the hijab, they will be killed.
This month 41-year old Maison Marzouq,
a Christian woman, was killed with her
31-year old brother. Their bodies were
dumped in a Basra refuse tip. The killings
have continued, bringing the number
of "un-Islamic" Basran women murdered
over the past six months to 48.
In June this year, Hamas took control
of Gaza by force. Sheikh Abu Saqer,
who runs the Islamist group called
Jihadia Salafiya, warned that Christian
women living in Gaza should wear
the hijab if they wished to live free
from attack:
"All women, including non-Muslims,
need to understand they must be
covered at all times while in public."
In Sudan in 2004, a Christian woman
was given a sentence of 40 lashes
and a fine, for the "crime" of standing
near a garden at night, and not wearing
a headscarf. She was beaten by police
and denied the right to speak in her
defense at her Sharia trial.
The sentence of whipping was carried
out immediately after her conviction.
There are certainly no shortages of horrific
acts to condemn. On March 24, 2006 a
16-year old girl who had been raped in
northern Bangladesh by two men
was sentenced to 57 lashes.
Her two rapists were given the same
punishment by two clerics from a local madrassa.
The rapists had fled after being given 27 lashes,
but the girl received 51 lashes
before she passed out.
From February 10, 1979 to November 17, 2006,
Pakistan had legislation called the Hudood
Ordinances. This had been introduced by
Islamists during the rule of dictator Zia ul-Haq.
Any woman who complained that she had
been raped was obliged to provide four
witnesses to the act. Failure to do so meant
she would be charged with adultery, for which
the maximum sentence was the death penalty
and lashes. Though no woman was executed
under the Hudood Laws, thousands of women
were detained in prisons across Pakistan
for contravening these laws.
November 2006, a Saudi court sentenced
a victim of gang rape to 90 lashes.
The woman had been raped by
five men but was given a severe punishment
because, before the attack, she had
been alone in a car with a man who was
not a relative by blood or marriage.
This is the Islamic crime of "khalwat'.
The woman's lawyer appealed,
but last month a court in Qatif increased her
sentence to 200 lashes, accompanied
by six months' imprisonment.
(Fotnot: hon har nu benådats av kungen...)
Krönikan innehåller mycket intressant
material, bl a om kämpande feminister i
arabvärlden och vänsterfeministernas
tystnad i Västvärlden....