onsdag, juli 04, 2007

Bombhösten i Köpenhamn (The Bomb Autumn of Copenhagen)

I samband med artikeln om Lockerbie
nämnde jag attentatet mot synagogan
i Köpenhamn 22 juli 1985.
Då de flesta glömt det finns det
anledning påminna om den otäcka
bombhösten i Köpenhamn 1985:
July 22, 1985
A bomb exploded in Scandinavia's oldest
synagogue in Copenhagen, injuring twenty
people. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Another bomb exploded in a Jewish rest home in
Copenhagen. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility

July 22, 1985
A bomb went off in the American Airlines
offices in Copenhagen.An Algerian citizen
on a tour of Copenhagen died after being
burned in the explosion A spokesman for
Islamic Jihad said that this blast, and the
others in Copenhagen on this same day,
had been carried out by its Scandinavian
cells as reprisal for "the barbaric militaristic
Israeli aggression against the village of
Kabrikha in South Lebanon."
He added that the organization will reach
the core of the USA, USSR, France, UK
and also the Arab states which served as
puppets of the west.
A U.S. Northwest Orient Airlines office
was bombed by Islamic Jihad in Copenhagen

Sept. 15, 1985
Coinciding with the Jewish New Year,
a bomb exploded at a Jewish-owned
snack shop in Copenhagen. No one
claimed responsibility.

Sept. 15, 1985
Coinciding with the Jewish New
Year, a bomb exploded at an Israeli
travel agency in Copenhagen.
No one claimed responsibility for
the blast. Twelve people were injured.
Bombs were found near the Israeli
Embassy and near the residence
of the Israeli ambassador.

The culprits were found and
convicted by a Swedish court
in 1989.
Their names were Mohamed
Abu Talb, Marten Imandi,
Mustafa and Mahmoud Magrebi