fredag, juli 17, 2015

Kalifatet pryglar och korsfäster 94 för att ha ätit...


Under ramadan förväntas alla rättroende svälta
och törsta hela dagen för att festa på kvällen.
Alla lyckas inte göra det - och då kan det gå illa.
Kalifatet har just gripit 94 syrier för detta allvarliga
"brott". De fick 70 piskrapp och korsfästes...
The Islamic State crucified, caged and whipped some 94 Syrians caught eating during the day in the month of Ramadan, according to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Among the victims were five children and two older people, the Observatory learned from eyewitness accounts (Arabic link).
The punishments were meted out by Islamic State operatives in public streets and squares across the Halab, a-Raqqa and Deir-a-Zour regions of Syria.
In some cases the ‘criminals’ were placed in cages on the backs of trucks and paraded through the local areas.
The Observatory said the victims wore signs that either read “eating on Ramadan,” or “crucified for the day and 70 lashes for eating during Ramadan.”
ISIS members apparently encouraged children to mock and torment the prisoners. (Clarion Project)