tisdag, juni 13, 2006

Vem tar makten i Somalia ?

Den islamistiska milisens stora framgångar
i Somalia de senaste veckorna har fått mycket lite
uppmärksamhet i västerländska medier.
Därför kan rapporten Somalia´s Islamists
från International Crisis Group rekommenderas.
Somalia’s long civil conflict and lack of central governing institutions
present an international security challenge.
Terrorists have taken advantage of the state’s collapse
to attack neighbouring countries and transit agents
and materiel. The country is a refuge for the al-Qaeda team
that bombed a Kenyan resort in 2002 and tried to
down an Israeli aircraft. Since 2003, Islamist extremists have been
linked to murders of Somalis and foreigners.
If governments are to counter the limited but real threat
of terrorism in or from Somalia, they need to align closer
with Somali priorities – the restoration of peace, legitimate and
broad-based government, and essential services – and make clear
that their counter-terrorism efforts are aimed at a
small number of criminals, many of them foreigners,
not the Somali population at large.