måndag, mars 16, 2015

Sveriges nya fiasko i Mellanöstern

Sveriges senaste diplomatiska fiasko i Mellanöstern.
Efter fiaskot med erkännandet av låtsas-staten
"Palestina", klampar Margot Wallström nu in i 
den känsliga frågan om Saudiarabien, demokrati
och mänskliga rättigheter. Alla västländer vet att
de flesta muslimska stater med sharialagstiftning
står för raka motsatsen till demokrati, mänskliga
rättigheter, yttrandefrihet och kvinnorättigheter.
Men Margot Wallström tycks varken veta eller begripa.
Det vore bättre om hon umgicks med och lärde sig
av de få framstegsvänliga arabledarna som president
al-Sisi i Egypten, som nu raskt distancerar sig från
det muslimska mörkret, istället för att försöka föra
"dialog" med den gamle ökenrövarens ättling i
Carlqvist och Hedegaard konstaterar:
"The Foreign Minister appears to have been unaware that "human" and "women's" rights are anathema in a great number of Arab States including Saudi Arabia. She also seems innocent of the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, according to which any human right must be compatible with Islamic sharia law -- meaning that there are no "human rights" as thought of in the West, but only human obligations as imposed by Allah and his prophet. Whatever is inside sharia law is a human right. Whatever is outside sharia law is not a human right.

Denouncing Margot Wallström

After the diplomatic debacle in Cairo, Arab foreign ministers denounced Wallström in a statement: "Arab countries totally reject Wallström's statement as irresponsible and unacceptable. ... Saudi Arabia's Constitution is based on the Shariah that protects the right of people and safeguards their blood, wealth and honor."
The Saudi cabinet, chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, had rejected on March 9 any denunciation of Saudi judiciary, whose decisions are based on Islamic law and "implemented impartially to maintain the country's stability and security".
The Swedish government, parliament and mainstream media, as demonstrated throughout decades, seem to have no inkling of what sharia law implies.


In their hearts, they evidently believe that we all think the same. As Sweden champions democracy, liberty and equal rights, the Swedish establishment apparently cannot imagine that others would think otherwise.
This belief has been the basis of Sweden's foreign and immigration policies for many years. The Swedish "humanitarian superpower," however, has now reached the limits of a policy based on love and understanding.
If Margot Wallström had attended diplomacy school, she would have realized that she and her government have fired three missiles at the Arab world and at Saudi Arabia in particular:
  1. Sweden refuses to extend its agreement to sell arms to Saudi Arabia.
  2. Margot Wallström wants to lecture the Arab League on human rights.
  3. Wallström's spokesman accuses the Saudis of wanting to save face.
As a result of recent developments, Sweden has now lost influence in the Middle East and probably most of the Islamic world.
Through its recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state, and following years of anti-Israeli propaganda, Sweden has made itself terra non grata in Israel -- and now Saudi Arabia does not like it either.

An EU member state that sees itself as the universal purveyor of peace and love, without understanding what is actually going on the world, will of course lose credibility and influence where real policy is made: Washington, London, Berlin, Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, Cairo and so on.

One wonders where the Swedish government will go next to find takers for its uninformed, idealistic world policy."