fredag, juli 01, 2011


Den nya piratarmada som under namnet
Ship to Gaza snart ska avsegla mot Gaza
är framförallt Muslimska Brödraskapets
senaste krigsförklaring mot Israel och
Då Hamas 27 december 2008 utropade den
Tredje Intifadan mot alla judar och alla
Israels vänner över hela världen, startade
omedelbart Hamas moderorganisation,
Muslimska Brödraskapet, "Intifadan"
över hela Europa.
Nu bevisar ännu en gång Brödraskapet att de
och Hamas är två skott på samma ruttna stam....
The second flotilla is coordinated by Muhammad
Sawalha, a senior UK-based Muslim Brotherhood
figure connected to Hamas.
Many of the participating organizations can be
directly linked with the Union of Good (UoG), a
coalition of European charities affiliated with the
Muslim Brotherhood, which in 2008 was designated
as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Treasury
for transferring funds to Hamas.
The UoG was initiated by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi,
leader of the Muslim Brotherhood on a global scale,
shortly after the outbreak of the Second Intifada in
For the Brotherhood, two chief centers of organization
can be clearly seen. On the European and global scene,
the centrality of its UK-based activists is once again
demonstrated, while in the Middle East, its Jordanian
branch is noticeable.
Other main organizers include the anti-Israel
International Solidarity Movement (ISM), as well
as far-left socialists from Europe and the United
States. Many of the flotilla's main organizers have
stated that its prime aim is to create provocations
and harm Israel's image.
Following Israel's Operation Cast Lead in Gaza,
which ended in January 2009, a series of international
conferences was held in Turkey to restructure the
struggle against Israel. A conference in February
2009 featured 200 radical Islamist scholars who
came to meet with senior Hamas officials to plot
a new, "third jihadi front" (in addition to Pakistan
and Iraq) centered on Gaza.
The conference gave birth to the infamous, pro-
Hamas Istanbul Declaration, which also provided
justification for attacking foreign navies which might
try to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza.
In general, the same organizers stand behind the
second flotilla, with several changes. The most
important may be the IHH decision not to send
the Mavi Marmara, the ship which brought the
first flotilla its publicity following violent clashes
between IHH activists and the IDF in which nine
Turks were killed. Rather than take a leading role,
it appears that the IHH will settle this time for
sending activists to sail on other ships.
Thus, the flotilla is far from being a peaceful,
humanitarian effort to support the Palestinians
in Gaza. It should instead be seen as a major,
pro-Hamas effort to delegitimize Israel by a
"red-green alliance" of leftists and Islamists.
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