tisdag, oktober 11, 2005

"Terrorister från Danmark"

Den arabiska dagstidningen Asharq Alawsat i London intervjuade igår Iraks inrikesminister om säkerhetssituationen i landet. Inrikesminister Bayan Jabr bekräftade bl a att det finns mängder av terrorister med utländska pass (han pekar särskilt ut Danmark, Frankrike och Italien) och att Al-Qaeda beordrat en del terrorister att resa hem sedan de fått utbildning och övning i Irak (låt oss gissa varför...).

"(Q) What are the nationalities of the terrorists?
(A) They belong to various nationalities. We have an American terrorist and another British terrorist. There are also terrorists from France, Denmark, and Italy. They are of Arab origin but hold western passports. On the Arab level, there are terrorists from Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. There are others from India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. There is a strange mixture of them.

(Q) What is their approximate number?
(A) The number of Arab terrorists was between 2,500 and 3,000 three months ago, but they are no more than 900 now. The rest were killed during Al-Fallujah, Al-Qa'im, and Tal Afar operations, or left Iraq.

(Q) Why did they leave Iraq?
(A) At first, I did not know why, but things became clear when we found a letter from Abu-Azzam (Abdullah Najm Abdullah Muhammad al-Jawari) (whose death was announced in Baghdad two weeks ago). In it, he called on Al-Zarqawi to start sending fighters back to their countries after having gained experience in booby traps, explosions, assassinations, killings, preparation of explosive charges, kidnappings, and other crimes. It seems that Al-Zarqawi has abided by this directive as earlier confirmed by our intelligence information."

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