lördag, juni 28, 2014

Kidnapparna identifierade

Den Hamascell som kidnappade de tre israeliska
gymnasisterna för två veckor sedan är nu
identifierad enligt ett pressmeddelande från
Less than a day after the abduction of Gilad Sha'er, Naftali
Frenkel and Eyal Yifrah, the ISA learned that Hamas was
behind the kidnapping.

The two main terrorists involved in the abduction are
Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu-Isa, Hamas activists
from Hebron, who became fugitives immediately upon
the perpetration of the kidnapping. The ISA and IDF have
been conducting a wide-ranging manhunt to apprehend the
fugitives, first and foremost in order to locate the
abducted youths.Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu-Eisha
operated in the framework of the Hamas organization in
the Hebron area.
 Several other suspects have been detained by the ISA, IDF
and Israel Police on suspicion of involvement in the abduction.

Marwan Kawasmeh
Marwan Kawasmeh

Marwan Kawasmeh has been previously arrested for his
activities in Hamas. He was born in 1985 and already at
18 was arrested, tried and sentenced to 10 months'
imprisonment (until August 2004). He has since been
arrested on four other occasions and has been held in
administrative detention.

In his most recent investigation, in 2010, he admitted to having
been recruited to the Hamas military wing in the Hebron
area in 2009. He was involved in military training in caves in the
Hebron area, was active in obtaining raw materials for the
production of explosives and assisted the organization in recruiting
additional youths for Hamas activities. For these actions, he
was imprisoned until March 2012.

Amar Abu-Eisha
Amar Abu-Eisha was born in 1981. He was arrested for
the first time in November 2005, investigated and held
in administrative detention until June 2006.
He was arrested again in April 2007 and held for
a short time.

His terrorist brother was killed in November 2005 in the
act of attempting to throw an explosive device at an IDF
force. His father was arrested in Israel several times for
terrorist activities.
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