tisdag, maj 03, 2011

Chuck Norris varnar för sharia

Chuck Norris är mest känd som stjärna
i actionfilmer och tillika mästare i ett antal
Men han har uppenbarligen även en politisk
sida. Han precis startat en kampanj för att
upplysa och varna amerikanska folket för
Den första artikeln är här.
Snart kommer en serie med bl a
"3 ways most Americans enable Shariah,"
"The Top 10 U.S. Shariah infiltrations,"
"Shariah law vs. the U.S. Constitution"
och "Shariah law vs. biblical law in the U.S."
The main point here is this: Where Muslim religion
and culture has spread, Shariah law has shortly followed.
Of course, many Americans watch on video a Middle
Eastern woman allegedly caught in adultery, buried
in the ground up to her head and being stoned to death,
and think, "That could never happen in America."
But they fail to see how Shariah law has already been
enabled and subtly invoked in our country, and that
any such induction like it is brought about by under-
stated lukewarm changes, like a frog boiled in a
kettle by a slow simmer.
For those who don't believe in that Shariah simmer,
consider in just the past few months that:

A Florida judge ruled that a dispute between Muslim
parties could proceed under Shariah law.
"This case," the judge wrote, "will proceed under
Ecclesiastical Islamic Law."

Alabama is joining a growing list of states that are
considering outlawing the use of foreign and
religious laws, specifically Muslim Shariah law, in
their courts.

President Barack Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs,
Dalia Mogahed, appeared on a British television
show hosted by a member of an extremist group to
talk about Shariah law. Miss Mogahed said the
Western view of Shariah was "oversimplified" and that
the majority of women around the world associate it
with "gender justice."
Does she really think that Shariah is the ideological
bastion of gender equality?
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