onsdag, maj 11, 2011

Islamistiska terrorister gripna i Paris

Fransk säkerhetspolis har gripit sju
misstänkta islamister i Parisområdet,
enligt källor inom polisen till nyhets-
byrån AFP berättar SvD. 
De greps under en rad polistillslag
runt om i huvudstadsregionen, enligt
Gripandena skedde förutom i Paris även
norröver i städerna Garges-les-Gonesse
och Stains och polisinsatsen genomfördes
i säkerhetspolisens regi.
Indian Express kompletterar:
An Indian is among seven suspected “Islamist
militants” held in raids in Paris and its suburbs
over the past two days, officials said here on
While six suspects were detained on Monday,
the Indian national, “the main target of the
operation”, was held on Tuesday. He had recently
arrived from Algeria and had “links with Pakistan”,
according to officials close to the inquiry.
All the raids were carried out by the police
intelligence service as part of a probe into an
Islamist network alleged to have recruited militants
in France and sent them to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
They were identified partly thanks to intercepted
Internet communications between suspected
members of the militant recruitment network,
police said.
Six men suspected of planning to go to Pakistan
to train with Islamic militants have been arrested
in or near Paris, the French interior minister said
But the minister, Claude Guéant, played down fears
of domestic terrorism, saying that “nothing indicates
that those people were planning an attack in France.”
Five of the men, some of them French citizens, were
arrested on Monday night and Tuesday morning during
police raids in Paris and in two of its heavily
immigrant suburbs.
The sixth suspect was arrested Tuesday morning at
Charles de Gaulle Airport, as he arrived on a flight
from Algeria. Mr. Guéant described him as the group’s
leader and said he had “a high level of technical training.”
News agencies reported that he was a native of India
and an engineer. None of the suspects were identified.
Mr. Guéant said that the six had been in contact with
two French citizens who had been arrested in the
Pakistani city of Lahore in January and accused of
belonging to the group that carried out the 2002
terrorist attack in Bali, which killed about 200.