fredag, maj 20, 2011

Överrabbin: Vi stenades under kriget och vi stenas nu....

Den holländske överrabbinen säger apropå den
ökande muslimska antisemitismen i Holland:
Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said on National Liberation
Day that more and more Jews are afraid. He added
“Many Jews think back to the prelude of the Second
World War. There is fear.” He said that during the war,
his father’s windows were stoned and nowadays his
windows are stoned. Jacobs added: “If I walk on
Saturday afternoon to the synagogue, people yell
out insults to me. Not only near the mosque, but near
the hockey field by the autochthonous Dutch.
A Jewish man who studies on Saturday afternoon with
me doesn’t dare walk alone in the street. The board of
our organization has prohibited me to travel alone on
the train or to be near a station.”
Furthermore, the Rabbi mentioned the debate on the
prohibition of ritual slaughter. He said: “Hitler also
started with a prohibition of kosher slaughter.”

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