måndag, juli 11, 2011

Fler terrorister och kortare straff...

Daily Express har en tråkig nyhet:
MOST Islamic terrorists convicted in Britain spend
less than three and a half years in prison, a shock
report has revealed.
A third go free after no more than 16 months.
And Britain is now a “hub for the development of
terrorists”, the survey found.
Seven out of 10 Islamic fanatics are “home-grown”
British nationals, according to the Henry Jackson
The think-tank analysed 138 Islamic terror convictions
from 1999 to 2010.
It found 54 per cent of the terrorists were given
sentences of between one and nine years – and
that those defendants spent a maximum of three
and a half years in jail.
Incredibly, eight of them avoided prison altogether.
The report gave examples of soft justice including
the case of Mohammed Kabashi who was sentenced
to nine years for helping the failed 21/7 London
bombers but walked out of jail after just two
years and three months.
Hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza was jailed
seven years for soliciting murder. He would have
been freed after two years and two months but
remains in custody because he is facing other
charges in the US.
In a forward to the report Lord Carlile,
the Government’s former independent
reviewer of terrorism legislation, said:
“The evidence reveals the UK to be
something of a hub for the development
of terrorists who export their activities
to other countries.”
Rapporten är en ny upplaga av den innehållsrika
som jag tidigare plockat en del godbitar ur.....