fredag, augusti 08, 2008

Hizballah-agent i Tyskland

Terrororganisationen Hizballah rekryterar gärna
araber bosatta i Europa och med bra täckmantel
för agentuppdrag i Israel.
Häromdagen greps den israelisk-arabiske medicin-
studenten Khaled Khashkoush, som studerar i
tyska Göttingen. Han hade värvats av en libanesisk
kirurg och Hizballah-medlem i Tyskland och skulle
nu söka arbete på ett sjukhus i Haifa.
An Israeli Arab suspected of spying for Hizbullah
was recently arrested by the Shin Bet and Israel
Police. Details released on Wednesday after a gag
order was lifted revealed that Khaled Kashkoush ,
29, a resident of Kalanswa who in recent years
studied medicine in Germany, was recruited by
a Hizbullah handler there and paid the sum of
13,000 Euros to carry out activities on behalf
of Hizbullah.
He was arrested on July 16 at Ben Gurion
International Airport.
Details revealed from his invstigation revealed
that six years ago Kashkoush met Dr. Hisham
Hassan, a Lebanese national who resides in
Germany and head of the Hizbullah affiliated
organization known as the Orphaned Children
Project which raises funds for the Lebanese
Martyrs Institute.
Hassan suggested that Kashkoush form ties
and establish a business relationship with
someone called Rami. In December 2005 the
two met and Rami asked Kashkoush to
purchase a new mobile phone and to organize
meetings via email. The second meeting took
place a year later when Rami revealed to
Kashkoush that he is a member of Hizbullah.
Rami is also known under the name of
Mohammed Hashem a known Hizbullah
handler.The two met again the following
April and in January 2008.
Kashkoush was asked to provide the Hizbullah
handler with information on Israel, names of
Israeli citizens studying abroad with the aim
of recruiting them to Hizbullah. In one of their
meetings Rami showed Kashkoush a map of
his hometown Kalanswa and asked him to
reveal details of locals and their addresses.
During his investigation, the name of another
Hizbullah agent was revealed, he was identified
as Ayman Shehade from Hebron, known to
the Israeli security establishment for his ties
with the terror organization.
Kashkoush was indicted on Wednesday at
the Petah Tikva district court. Police officials
said that Kashkoush did not cause any serious
harm. Officials in the Shin Bet however noted
that since the pullout from Lebanon in 2000,
Hizbullah has intensified its efforts to recruit
Israeli Arabs studying abroad to act on their