måndag, februari 02, 2009

Var femte koranlärare avvisar demokratin....

Statsvetaren Mouhanad Khorchide
i Österrike har just
doktorerat på ett känsligt ämne:
Islam och demokratin.
I samarbete med det största muslimska
förbundet har han undersökt vad landets ca
300 koranlärare egentligen tycker om det
samhälle de lever i.
Resultatet blev skrämmande....

Muslims in Austria, especially those of official
Islam, are highly nervous about the study
that was made public two days ago.
Mouhanad Khorchide is a fairly well-known
scientist, often invited to discussions. He
was also on the panel at the recent discussion
at the political academy of the ÖVP, where he
filled in for Tariq Ramadan. He can certainly
be considered a liberal Muslim, but a Muslim
nonetheless. I am wary of him, but he is helpful,
because Muslims cannot complain about the
study having been written by infidels; it was
written by one of their own. This is the main
reason for their nervousness. Even the political
left is nervous about the results of the study.
Some even consider revoking Islam’s status
as a religious group if changes are not made.
However, I am looking forward to watching
these changes unfold. How can the Quran and
its contents be changed? People need to
realize that it is not the teachers who
are the problem, but rather Islam.
Will there be a special Quran for Austria? An
Austrian Islam? What will Saudi Arabia say?
Interesting times. The truth will prevail. The lie
of Islam will hopefully be exposed. Thank you,
Mr. Khorchide. You have helped the Counterjihad
more than you will ever know!
Here is the translation of an article from
Wednesday’s Die Presse:
Islamic Teachers A Problem
One in five teachers of Islam (21.9%) has a problem
with democracy. And he or she even says so openly.
This is the result of a written survey meticulously
conducted by the sociologist and scientist
Mouhanad Khorchide. Apart from the above
assertion, there is additional explosive data:
14.7% distance themselves from the Austrian
constitution, 13.9% are of the opinion that elections
are not compatible with Islam, and 28.4% believe
that it is not possible to be a European and Muslim
at the same time.
T o m de traditionellt tröga österrikiska
politikerna reagerar oväntat kraftfullt:
Here are some of the first political reactions,
as summarized by ESW from ORF:
Both the minister of education and the mayor of
Vienna are publicly demanding consequences.
Interestingly enough, both the minister and
the mayor are members of the socialist parties.
Says mayor Michael Häupl:
“The fact that a fifth of the Islamic religious teachers
oppose democracy causes me sleepless nights.
If I had a study like this about indigenous teachers,
I would faint.”
He warns that any changes in the way teachers
are trained would also mean consequences for
Catholic teachers, because according to the law
on religious education of 1949, it is the religious
groups who are in charge of religious education;
the state only acts as a supervisor.
Minister Claudia Schmied said in an interview
with Austrian television that this survey calls
for consequences and that she will seek a meeting
with Anas Shakfeh.
All other Austrian political parties have already
reacted to the controversial survey well before
the socialists did: Sirvan Ekici (ÖVP,
conservative party), in charge of integration matters,
wants the Faith Community to make sure its
teachers conform to Austrian laws and values.
Socialists demand a “comprehensive explanation
from the Faith Community. It is necessary to
make sure that nothing that goes against democratic
values is taught. There is no room for fundamentalist
”The Freedom Party (FPÖ) and Jörg Haider’s spin-
off, BZÖ, are in agreement that mosques and schools
need to be monitored closely. This should be done
by the Federal Agency for State Protection and
Counterterrorism, since the Faith Community is
unwilling or unable to take care of this.
Even the Green Party finds the results of the study
troubling: “Whoever opposes human rights or
demands the death penalty for apostasy is not fit
to teach in Austrian schools,” says Harald Walser,
who also warns of the existence of parallel societies.