lördag, juni 22, 2013

Putin påminner UK: "Syriska oppositionen" samma krafter som halshögg Lee Rigby

Cameron och Obama fick en nyttig
påminnelse av Putin vid mötet i Belfast:
De syriska jihadister som EU och USA
folket" och som man vill förse med
ännu fler mordvapen, är exakt samma
Rigby i Woolwich...
Han tillade att kannibaler som äter
sina motståndare inte förtjänar något
"I think you will not deny that one
does not really need to support the
people who not only kill their
enemies, but open  up their
bodies, eat their intestines,
in front of the public and
cameras," Putin said.
"Recently the British people suffered a
huge loss. It was a tragedy next to his
barracks on the streets of London.
A violent assassination, a very brutal
killing of a British serviceman.
"Clearly the opposition is not composed
all of this but many of them are exactly
the same as the ones who perpetrated
the killing in London.
"If we equip these people, if we arm
them what is going to control and verify
who is going to have these weapons,
including in Europe as well.
"So we call all our partners, before
making this dangerous step, think
about it very carefully."
En läsare på Robert Spencers blogg
Jihad Watch sammanfattade det hela
"This is the bizarre, topsy-turvy state
of world affairs we exist in at the be-
ginnings of the 21st Century.
Here is Putin, the modern era dictator
of Russia, ex-KGB, a criminal who jails
his opponents and appropriates their
assets -- and HE'S THE VOICE OF
TRUTH AND REASON! It's insane.
This is where political correctness and
leftist self-delusion has taken us.
It's 2013. How can this be after all we
have learned and know? How can the
death cult of the moon god wield such
power in the modern world?
It's absolutely surreal."
I Sverige behöver vi ju bara titta på
hjälptrupper, som (lyckligtvis) 
snabbt decimeras i Syrien...