söndag, juni 09, 2013

"Kristna" organisationer använder klassisk antisemitism

Professor Gerald Steinberg varnade vid den stora
antisemitism, t ex myten att judar blandar kristet
blod i påskbrödet, kraftigt finansierade av EU
och Obamas USA.

Steinberg named MIFTAH, a Palestinian Authority-
based NGO, as an example of a group which uses
the old Christian blood libel accusing Jews of using
the blood of Christians to bake matzah on Passover,
as part of its anti-Israel propaganda.
He noted that while the EU has refused to respond
to questions about the funding that it provides to
such anti-Israel NGOs, choosing only to comment
that it “funds projects and not organizations,” the
United States has agreed to cut off funding to such
Steinberg warned that anti-Semitic “poison” preached
by these anti-Semitic groups is adopted by major
organizations and becomes mainline.
One example of this, he said, is the report by the
Church of Scotland that denied the Divine right of
Jews to the land of Israel.
The church paper, entitled “The Inheritance of
Abraham,” selectively highlighted scriptural and
theological claims of Jews to the land, rejected
verses in which the land is promised to the children
of Abraham. It espoused the anti-Semitic Replacement 
theology in which the Jews have been replaced by the
Christians, so that any promises to them are invalid.
The paper suggested that the church consider political
action, including boycotts and disinvestment in Israel,
in protest of what is described as “illegal settlements
in the occupied territories.”
Ofta handlar det i grunden om den
villolära, som nästan oundvikligt leder
till antisemitism. I Sverige har den
sedan länge haft ett starkt fäste på
Teologicum i Uppsala, men har på
senare år lyckats sprida sin smitta
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arabiska dokument, som bl a
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