lördag, november 29, 2008

Mera om de islamistiska morden i Bombay

Antalet mördade i Nariman House i
Bombay är nio, varav sju israeliska
medborgare. Rabbi Holtzberg hade
lyckats täcka sin hustrus lik med en
bönesjal innan han själv mördades.
(IsraelNN.com) Details of the tragic aftermath
of the terrorist massacre in Mumbai's Chabad
House have become available.
WARNING: some readers may find the
descriptions disturbing.
The bodies of Chabad-Lubavitch emissary,
Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, and kashrus inspector
Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum, were found in the
Mumbai Chabad House library, with holy books
in front of them. According to ZAKA emergency
service, the body of the Rabbi's wife Rivka was
found covered with a tallit, which her husband
had managed to cover her with.
The bodies of the two other women who were
killed along with Rivka Holtzberg were found
tied with telephone cables. The women had
apparently been bound before they were killed.
A Chabad-Lubavitch spokesman, Rabbi Zalman
Schmotkin, identified two other victims as Bentzion
Chroman, an Israeli with dual US citizenship,
and Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum, an American
from Brooklyn who lived in Jerusalem.

Authorities announced the name of a fourth
Israeli victim, 60-year-old Yohevet Orpaz,
after her family identified her body on Saturday
Orpaz was killed along with eight others at the
Chabad House. The Foreign Ministry said that
seven of the nine bodies found in the building
have been identified as Israelis. According to
Israel's ambassador to India, Mark Sofer, three
Israelis had yet to be identified.