fredag, februari 01, 2008

Svartsyn på Afghanistan

Atlantic Council känns som ett nödtorftigt
upplivat kadaver från femtiotalet där politikens
gengångare hyllar varandra med banketter
och håller meningslösa tal.....
För mig känns det definitivt inte som att
den gruppen representerar
säkerhetspolitikens framtid.....
Därför är det lite förvånansvärt att deras
negativistiska rapport om Afghanistan
Men vad är det egentligen de säger:

Make no mistake,
Nato is not winning in Afghanistan
Unless this reality is understood and action is taken
promptly, the future of Afghanistan is bleak, with
regional and global impact. The purpose of this
paper is to sound the alarm and to propose
specific actions that must be taken now
if Afghanistan is to succeed in becoming a
secure, safe and functioning state.
On the security side, a stalemate of sorts
has taken hold. nato and Afghan forces
cannot be beaten by the insurgency or
by the Taliban. Neither can our forces
eliminate the Taliban by military means
as long as they have sanctuary in
Hence, the future of Afghanistan will be
determined by progress or failure in the
civil sector.
However, civil sector reform is in
serious trouble. Little coordination exists
among the many disparate international
organizations and agencies active in
Afghanistan. Legal and judicial reform
(including reducing corruption), and control
of narcotics are interdependent efforts
and must receive the highest priority.
To add insult to injury, of every dollar
of aid spent on Afghanistan, less than
ten percent goes directly to Afghans,
further compounding reform and
reconstruction problems.

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