fredag, december 21, 2007

Ett varningsord från Bryssel

Lite allvarlig julläsning från
"The disappearance of liberty in Europe will
not be accompanied by the loud knock
of a jackbooted thug at the front door.
Basic freedoms are already being eroded
imperceptibly by the European Union.
The process has been going on for
many years, drip by silent drip.
In order to create Eurabia, the will
of the people is muffled, suppressed,
and discarded by the elites of the EU.
We have reported several times on
the Framework Decision, a document
generated by the EU bureaucracy
which outlines the steps to be taken
to suppress “xenophobia and racism”.
Among the punishments sought against
offenders would be imprisonment, fines,
and “temporary or permanent disqualification
from the practice of commercial activities,
a judicial winding-up order, exclusion from
entitlement to public aid”.