onsdag, januari 31, 2007

Vänsterns antisemitism i Sverige

Det alltid läsvärda FrontPage Magazine

har en tänkvärd artikel om välkänt

problem i Sverige. Ett utdrag:

"More anti-Israel activities on Kristallnacht

day in 2003 took place in Malmö,

Sweden’s third largest city.

The governing Social Democratic

party sponsored a meeting together

with a migration-oriented magazine, Mana.

At that time, Mana had just published an

issue where it launched its

Among many attacks on Israel and

hints of anti-Semitism, the magazine reprinted

an article from al-Ahram Weekly by

professor Edward Said,

against Jews. In Mana he was given yet another

plans to remove Saddam Hussein from power and

liberate the Iraqi people from his ruthless tyranny.

After having published this tirade of anti-Semitism,

Mana was given an opportunity to co-sponsor

an event on Kristallnacht day with Sweden's

governing political party."