onsdag, januari 24, 2007

Eurabia närmar sig ?

Islam converts change face of Europe
"As many as 100,000 French and British citizens
have converted to Islam over the last decade,
according to a new book by an Israeli historian.
The figures cited by Hebrew University Prof.
Raphael Israeli in his upcoming book
The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe
are representative of the fast-changing face
of Europe, which the Islamic history professor
says is in danger of becoming "Eurabia"
within half a century. "
He noted that about 30 million Muslims
currently live in Europe, out of a total
population of 380 million., adding that with
a high Muslim birthrate in Europe, the
number of Muslims living in the continent
is likely to double within 25 years."
"The number of Germans who have converted
to Islam has increased fourfold within one year
-- despite the negative perception of
Islam among the general public...
A soon-to-be-published study on
Islamic life in Germany confirms the Cologne
doctor's impression. The study sheds light on a
phenomenon that may seem surprising given
the image of Islam in Germany, where the
religion is often associated with terrorism,
forced marriages and honor killings:
In Germany, some 4,000 people converted
to Islam between July 2004 and June 2005.
The study, which was financed
by the Interior Ministry and carried out by
the Soest-based Muslim institute Islam
Archive Germany, reveals that the number of c
onverts increased four-fold in comparison
to the previous year..."