onsdag, februari 14, 2018

Ny-stalinismens tid


Norska Human Rights Service förskräcks över att en svensk pensionär riskerar fängelse för att ha kritiserat ideologin islam.
(Mera om HRS och Hege Storhaug)

Pensionären Denny Abrahamsson säger själv som kommentar:
 – För några år sedan tyckte jag också att islam är väl bara en vanlig religion, men sedan läste jag Koranen och blev chockad av det hatet som finns där, kvinnoföraktet, hat mot otrogna. Ju mer islam tar över, ju mer kompromissar vi. Islam är ju en totalitär ideologi, det för med sig diktatur. Så jag menar att vårt demokratiska system är i fara.

Läs gärna polisens tragikomiska förundersökning och åklagarens d:o stämningsansökan. Rättegång i Stockholms Tingsrätt 19 juni.

Polisanmälan mot pensionären tycks härröra från en av de Stasiliknande grupper som opererar i dagens Sverige. AFA, ExpoResearchgruppen och allt vad de heter...

Stasi tycks tyvärr vara idealet för "rättskipningen" på fler håll i världen.
Israeliska Arutz Sheva skriver med anledning av att EU-byråkraterna försöker stoppa Polens försök till upprensning i den kommunistiska sump som fortfarande styr alltför mycket av landets rättsväsen:

Judges have real and huge power. Unlike heads of states and parliamentarians, they are not elected by anyone, which provides a solid ground for manipulation. Poland, which decided to limit judicial power, is being punished by the EU.

A. Maistrovoy

In late December, the European Commission announced punitive measures against Poland using the so-called “nuclear option”, Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. The reason was the decision of Warsaw to limit the power of judges. The EU considered this an infringement on "freedom, democracy and the rule of law".

In fact, the "nuclear option" of the EU has no relation to freedom, democracy, or the rule of law. Its goal is to establish a totalitarian supranational system in Poland, the leading country of the Visegrad Fronde, in order to supersede democratic national institutions of power.

The judicial system in a democratic state should guard rights of citizens. Together with the executive and legislative powers, it must guarantee "the enjoyment of life and liberty" of free citizens (The Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776), or according to Jeremy Bentham, the founder of British utilitarianism, ensure "the greatest happiness of the greatest number".

The problem is that judges have real and huge power. However unlike heads of states, governments and parliamentarians, they are not elected by anyone, which provides a solid ground for manipulation.

Today, the judicial system has turned into a disgusting parody of itself; supported by politicians, Academia, media and NGOs, it is now a powerful lever used by prominent people to promote the ideology of political correctness and multiculturalism.

The goal of this ideology is ethnic and cultural substitution and, as a consequence, Islamization. It is not actively displayed, although it is not concealed.

In 2001, the former French Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement called for integration of 75 million migrants from Africa and Asia within 50 years.

In July 2008, the Chief Justice of England and Wales Lord Phillips declared that it was inevitable to recognize Sharia courts in Great Britain.

In September 2015, at the peak of the crisis with migrants, the journalist Ralf Schuler ("Bild") reported the EU was planning to receive additional 5 million refugees from Asia and Africa.

In September 2017, the EU financed the exhibition in Brussels called "Islam, It's Also Our History!". According to Isabelle Benoit, a historian from the Tempora organization, “We want to make it clear to Europeans that Islam is a part of our civilization”.

On February 22, President of France Emmanuel Macron said: “French culture does not exist. There is a culture in France and it is diverse… French art? I have never seen it!”.
According to Finance Minister of Germany Wolfgang Schäuble, Germans need to learn humanistic values of Islam, and Islam is “a constituent part of Germany”.

This aim is realized in three stages.

Stage one - corruption of society, impo‎sition of barbarous archaic customs, destruction of the national culture, eradication of Judeo-Christian values.

Stage two - support of Islamic occupation and migrant violence, legalization of the Sharia.

Stage three - suppression of dissent at all levels.

It is obvious that a healthy and cohesive society would resist turning it into slavery. Therefore it is necessary to undermine its foundations, to swap values: virtue should be presented as evil, barbarity - as cultural originality, abnormality - as the norm. Courts are the main leverage in this game. Below are some of the examples of this phenomenon.

In February 2007, a German court released the former member of The Red Army Faction (RAF) Brigitte Mohnhaupt, who had murdered 9 people in 1970s. She didn’t express any regret for her crimes.

In July 2017, The National Health Service (NHS) reported 5391 cases of female genital mutilations. Although this disgusting procedure was banned in the UK in 1985, not a single person was convicted.

This is only a marginal part of thousands of similar verdicts, which under the guise of humanism and human rights impose chaos and all kinds of perversions.

On the other hand, Christian values are also being consistently destroyed.

When the foundation of the society is undermined, the second stage of destruction begins.

In the Rule of Law, laws should be applied to all citizens - otherwise the very idea of democracy and justice loses its meaning.
Today, parallel Sharia law legally operates in Western Europe. The so called Laws of the Jungle reign in "black holes" of "no-go-zones", and courts condone lawlessness and savagery.

During the period of 1999 to 2001, two teenage girls from Fontenay-sous-Bois (outside Paris) were gang-raped by 14 Muslim teenagers. Ten of the rapists were acquitted, two persons were sentenced to only one year in prison, one person was sentenced to six months in prison, and the last one out of 14 was charged with a suspended sentence.

In January 2006, a French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was kidnapped by a gang calling themselves "Barbarians,” headed by Yusuf Fofana. They tortured him, doused with gasoline and burned alive. 24 members of the gang were sentenced to terms between 6 months to 18 years only. Two "Barbarians" were freed.
In May 2016, at the school of Lund (Sweden) a Muslim migrant teen raped a 14-year-old girl. The girl was transferred, but the rapist remained at the same school. He was only punished with 100 hours of detention.
In October 2016, the Gothenburg District Court sentenced a migrant Abdul to 10 months of youth care (only!) for raping of a 14-year-old girl, but Supreme Court of Western Sweden abrogated Abdul because he suffered from ADHD syndrome and "didn’t understand no”.
In July 2017, Malmö District Court sentenced a 19-year-old Afghan Muslim migrant to one month in prison for raping of a 13-year-old boy. And so on.

According to official statistics, only every fifth migrant rapist in Sweden (and only 13 percent of migrant pedophiles) are deported to their home countries - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or Iraq.

This is not characteristic of Sweden in particularly. In December 2016 in Vienna, 20-year-old Amir from Iraq raped a 10-year-old boy in a toilet of a swimming pool. The District Court sentenced him to six years, but the Austrian Supreme Court overturned it "for lack of evidence."

Pakistani members of Rochdale child sex abuse ring (with the exception of their leader Shabir Ahmed) were sentenced to ridiculous terms from 4 to 9 years.
In 2014, a 40-year-old preacher Suleman Maknojioa was accused of harassing an 11-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 40 weeks' imprisonment only, but did not stay in prison a single day as he was the only breadwinner.
In Germany in January 2017, a 47-year-old Syrian migrant was sentenced to one year and 9 months of imprisonment only for raping a mentally disabled woman – “because when he is drunk, he is unpredictable”. By that time he committed 23 various offenses, including assault, robbery and fare evasion.

There are hundreds of similar examples…

In June this year, three underage Muslim migrants severely raped a 5-year-old girl in Idaho. In the court room their lawyers advocated that the so called “boys” were decent and trustworthy and they suffered from Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).
In April 2012, for the sake of "Freedom of ex‎pression" the Spanish Supreme Court freed 9 Islamists who were planning terrorist attacks in the name of "liberation of Spain".

The Western legal system openly sabotages decisions of the executive and legislative branches of power.

The best evidence of this is courts blocking Trump’s ban on the reception of migrants from Middle East. This has nothing to do with humanism, since those who need help most of all, are deprived of it. It’s not only about Christians and Yazidis.

In Israel, the High Court of Justice deliberately replaces the executive branch: it prevents destruction of houses of terrorists and deportation of terrorists, cooperates with left NGO to demolish Jewish houses, and blocks deportation of illegal African migrants to third countries.

EU laws literally ensure safety for terrorists. Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, who organized a terrorist attack in Barcelona, was brought to trial on drug business charges in 2014, but Judge Pablo de la Rubia dismissed his deportation, as it was deemed a violation of EU laws.

In August 2012, two Al-Qaeda terrorists, one of whom plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack in a British shopping center, applied to the European Court of Human Rights against MI5. Officials at the European Court allowed their application to go ahead.

The European Court of Human Rights and the British Court of Appeal didn’t deport Abu Qatad, Palestinian Al-Qaeda activist, to the Hashemite Kingdom for 10 years because of “humanitarian considerations.”

The third stage is elimination of dissenters of any age and social status.

Stalin asserted that repression should be based on laws, and indeed Stalin’s terror was based on the progressive Stalinist Constitution of 1936. The legislation of Western countries, which is quite liberal, opens limitless possibilities for justice.

The French pioneered the path to Muslim colonization. The starting point on the way to ethnic and cultural substitution, according to Eric Zemmur, was the Pleven law on racism (1972), which was then supplemented with even more radical laws.

Germany went even further by deciding to set censorship - fines of up to $56,000,000 for "hate speech" in order to protect freedom of speech, according ex-Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

The last major and successful case was the deprivation of the parliamentary immunity of Marin Le Pen by the French prosecutor's office after she published images of ISIS atrocities in Twitter.

The Swedish prosecutor's office accused Peter Springare, a police officer from Orebro, of spreading hatred and racism. All he did was listing police reports compiled in one week and naming criminals and countries of their origin.
Aboriginals are defenseless in the face of their colonial barbarians, because the judicial system sides with the latter always and everywhere.

A mere suspicion of Islamophobia can cause fatal consequences.

In 2016, 35-year-old Kevin Crehan made a joke by leaving a half-eaten sandwich with bacon on the doorstep of a mosque in Bristol. He was accused of racist attack, sentenced to one year in prison and died there under strange circumstances.

Any doubt on the purity of Islam is ruthlessly punished. In August 2017, the German journalist Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to a half-year in prison after posting of a photo on Facebook where a ranking Nazi was shaking hands with Amin al-Husseini - the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
No totalitarian system is ready to tolerate heretics within its realm. That’s why it hates Trump so much. That’s why it strives to undermine Israel, defames Victor Orban and seeks to bring Poland to its knees – because of its striving for sovereignty and national democracy.

PS Har ni inte läst Hege Storhaugs Landsplågan Islam,