lördag, februari 07, 2015

"Fler jihadister från Göteborg än från hela USA"

AINA News har en bra artikel av Magnus Ranstorp
om Kalifatets terrorister från Sverige.
Enligt SÄPO har förmodligen "omkring 300" hittills rest
till Irak/Syrien. Ranstorp pekar på att en dominerande
grupp kommer från Göteborgsområdet.
Gudmundson tycks var den ende som försöker hålla
koll på antalet som biter i gräset där borta.
Han uppger just nu närmare 35.
More Isis Fighters From One Swedish Town Than the Entire US
By Magnus Ranstorp
"The Swedish Center for Jihadists is Gothenburg," says terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp. In an interview in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet last fall, Ranstorp estimated there being some 50 out of the 150 "Swedish" ISIS warriors originating from the Gothenburg region. 'Exclusion areas' like Hammarkullen, Biskopsgården and Angered, featured in the infamous police report of areas where the gangs are taking over published last year, are not surprisingly topping the list for terrorism recruitment grounds.
And apparently, recruitment is picking up. Newspaper Aftonbladet recently published a follow-up interview with a returned ISIS fanatic that participated in the Syrian carnage and has since published recruitment videos specifically aimed at Swedish would-be Jihadists. In the interview, which is chilling to the bone from the sheer madness seeping out through the lines, the young man matter-of-factly estimates the number of fellow Gothenburg-warriors to now reach 150.
Gothenburg is a relatively small town of just over half a million inhabitants. That's like Tucson, AZ or Nashville, TN.
For comparison, the Pentagon estimates about 100 Americans have participated as ISIS-fighters over the last three years, with "a handful" currently in combat under the black flag of terror.
Unfortunately, most ISIS-fighters are NOT killed in action. They get a crash course in the art of killing, handling explosives, raping with impunity, and generally imbue themselves with fanatical hate and complete disdain for democracy, freedom and everything else Western society rests upon. Skills and attitudes they bring back home.
When they return, they are not punished by Swedish authorities, nor are they stripped of their citizenship and deported. Instead, they get coddled with therapy and get fast-tracked to jobs ahead of native Swedes and law-abiding immigrants. It was recently revealed that the town of Ö–rebro has had this as their policy since 2013 and has so far provided a dozen returnees with jobs.
Rarely has the term "Dragon Seed" felt as accurate as what Sweden is happily engaged in. Personally, I plan to be far away from here by the time harvest draws near.
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