söndag, september 01, 2019

Joel C Rosenberg : Angrepp på Israel nära förestående ?

Den amerikanske Mellanösternexperten
Joel C Rosenberg varnar idag för att
Irans/Hizballahs stora angrepp mot Israel
är "nära förestående". 
Han räknar bl a upp sju tydliga indikatorer
på att kriget närmar sig....
(Jerusalem, Israel) — A fire-fight opened up today on Israel’s northern border.
The Iranian-backed terror group known as Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles at a clearly-marked ambulance on an Israeli army base.
No one was hurt, thank God, but Israel retaliated with some 100 bombs and missiles at Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, Israeli media reported.
The attack comes amidst rising concerns that Hezbollah is preparing for a much larger war with Israel, possibly soon.
1. In January, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to “invade the Galilee,” The group has been building terror tunnels along the Lebanon border, some of which Israel still may not have found. They also have an estimated 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel.
2. In July, Nasrallah repeated the threat, saying, We are prepared to invade the Galilee.”
3. In late August, Israel struck military sites in Syria and foiled an imminent Iranian drone attack. This infuriated Iran and raised the prospect of Tehran ordering Nasrallah to retaliate against Israel.
4. Just last week, Nasrallah said war with Israel is “inevitable” and boasted that Hezbollah “has enough accurate missiles needed for any confrontation, small or big.” 
5. Israeli military forces in the North have been on high alert in recent days. “In light of the terror group’s threats, the Israeli military has been on high alert over the past week, restricting soldiers’ movements in vulnerable areas, canceling weekend leave for troops in the IDF Northern Command and reportedly sending artillery and other heavy equipment to the Lebanese border,” reported the Times of Israel.
6. Several days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — facing national elections on September 17 — gave a secret military briefing to his chief political rival, Benny Gantz, on the rising tensions in the north. This was so unusual that Israel’s largest daily newspaper ran a story headlined, “IS ISRAEL ON THE VERGE OF AN ALL-OUT WAR?”
Rosenberg uppmanar sina läsare:
Please pray that tensions will be quickly defused and all these rumors of war won’t become self-fulfilled prophecies.