tisdag, juli 04, 2017

Vad Europa kan lära av Israel

Terrordåden i Europa duggar tätt.
Paris, Bryssel, London, Stockholm, Berlin....
Listan kan tyvärr göras lång och växer ständigt.
Gårdagens "avslöjande" av SÄPO att det finns över 2.000
"våldsbenägna islamister" i Sverige (och i praktiken inga
motåtgärder) borde få svenska folket att sova lite sämre....
Men nu utkommer en rapport som kan hjälpa de
europeiska myndigheterna. Det enda lyckade exemplet
på terrorbekämpning: Israels erfarenheter av årtiondens
kamp mot den islamistiska terrorismen. Den italienska
författaren och tidigare parlamentsledamoten Fiamma
Nirenstein har sammanställt en liten skrift till vår hjälp.
Läs och sprid !

Hon presenterar själv rapporten så här:

London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Europe and Israel continue to be assaulted by radical Islamic terror. The terrorist Jihadists have declared that Europeans and Israelis are infidels to be destroyed and conquered.

The small state of Israel always fought back against terrorism. Since the beginning of its history, the Jewish State has been forced to defend against terror every day of every year.

I have been for 5 years in the Italian Parliament. As the deputy president of the commission of foreign affairs we have been discussing so many times the question of terrorism. And it was astonishing how difficult it is for the Europeans even to define the issue of terrorism.

They asked me how does Israel fight as a democracy so well against terror? and this is what we are trying to do here, to give answers.

Israel has developed strategies to maximize national resilience and maintain public morale in the face of unrelenting terror attacks. Israel has also embraced the highest moral standards possible in combatting terror, protecting civil and human rights, as well as protecting privacy while deterring and preventing future attacks.

The Jerusalem center recent study reveals what Israel has been doing to fight terrorism since its very beginning.

So here you have a book with 9 essays about strategies, about the resilience of people, about international law, about cyber-terrorism. Whatever you want to know about the fight again terrorism. This is what we are offering to our friends in Europe.

By developing a shared strategy, we can win the war on terror. In London, Paris, Berlin and Jerusalem

* * *

Fiamma Nirenstein served as a member of the Italian Parliament (2008-2013) where she was Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Chamber of Deputies. During her mandate, she established and chaired the Parliamentary Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, as well as the Institutional Cooperation Committee between the Knesset and the Chamber of Deputies. A journalist and author, Ms. Nirenstein is a founding member of the International Friends of Israel Initiative and a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. She is the author of eleven books, among them “Israel Is Us” (2009) whose English version was published by the Jerusalem Center.